I will serve Washington County as a full time Commissioner. Serving the county will be my primary duty, and I will spend each week in a combination of visiting county businesses, attending events and maintaining a presence in the community; as well as working to bring new business into the county.

In addition, I will establish a scholarship fund for Washington County High School Seniors, and donate 25% of my Commissioner salary to the scholarship.


My number one focus is working with industry to bring quality jobs to the county.  The common denominator with any healthy, thriving community is a strong economy. A community where its citizens are employed in quality jobs with a low unemployment rate reduces the risk of crime and illegal drugs. Additionally, taxes should be kept at a minimum and tax money should be used for things that benefit everyone: infrastructure, education, essential services, etc. Individuals and families can spend their earned income more effectively than government can.

Now is the time to take advantage of a more friendly business atmosphere in Maryland. Governor Hogan has established a climate within the state that is more business friendly. We should take advantage of that here in Washington County.

"The purpose of a politician is to be a leader.

A politician has to lead. Otherwise he's just a follower." 

 -- Alan Greenspan


Education is critical to the county. Washington County is near the bottom of the state in citizens with college degrees. I will establish a scholarship fund for Washington County High School Seniors, and donate 25% of my yearly commissioner salary to the scholarship. Education is not only a way to help our children, but a way to help the county for years to come. A well educated community is essential for a strong economy, and our county's future.

The highest percentage of tax revenue in Washington County has consistently gone to the Board of Education. This needs to continue.


Essential services and crime prevention are just as critical as education and the economy. If our county isn’t safe, we are doing a disservice to our residents and visitors. Funding police, fire and other emergency services must be a priority, including equipment, training, pay and other requirements. Maintaining low taxes, while still ensuring that education and essential services are funded to the required level is a balancing act. Keeping that balance requires smart, experienced leaders. I have the necessary experience through managing high level programs and fixing problems.


Balancing land use between preservation and expansion in support of economic development is critical. In this county, we have historic land (and in some cases hallowed), land that is scenic and critical to the environment, and we also have historic structures. These areas must be preserved to maintain one of Washington County's strengths: our history and scenic beauty.


At the same time, we need to utilize other land to drive economic development, through smart zoning and areas with quality housing. Redevelopment of previously developed sites is one example of smart land use. Maintaining other infrastructure, such as roads and bridges are part of our responsibility for the safety of the community. 



There are many other issues that are important to me, that I would like to discuss. If you are interested in discussing or have issues that are important to you, please contact me and we can talk further.